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How a french adventure could become an english story?… Yes here is the english version about our travelling stories. Don’t be too nasty with us even if it is full of mistakes!!! We do our best ☺…. Anyway enjoy your reading and we hope you’re gonna follow us in Asia for one year….The departure should start in october 2008.

For the moment, here are some stories or summeries from the first part of our trip in South America. We spent almost one year in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, driving an old (but fashion of course!) Citroën Hy from 1969. His name is Hachille.

South America 2007-2008

Oct '07: First weeks in Argentina

Don’t you think our truck is got a good-looking? Of course he does! Even after seventeen days in a container. 


Nov '07: Patagonian animals

We heard so many things about the Pensinula Valdes. This area (400 km long) close to the ruta 3, is located on the Atlantic Coast...


Dec '07: Ices and summits

Perito Moreno, Fitz Roy, El Chalten, El Calafate, we dream about these names and locations... wake up we are here!

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Dec '07, Jan '08: World's end

One of the best place to celebrate christmas, New Year's eve and to discover one of the most beautiful place on earth...